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Additional Photos

Registration Table and Crew (Ship 16)

                                            Leaders (posed)                                  Workers (poised)

Adult Track -- Marlinspike Seamanship

                  MT Guy Senter and SK Sandy Nissen   SK Jerry Williams                 SK Kin Cartrette (front)
                              Ship 98, Beaufort NC                      Ship 850                 Ship 924, Winston-Salem NC
                                 Myrtle Beach SC                                                   Mitchell Dudley, Amanda Goodman,
                                                                                                             Sara Graham, Ship 207, Raleigh NC

USCG ch50 Display

Tour of ch50 in parking lot

                                                        Looking it over                     Talking with flight crew

                   Checking out the rotors                           Tour draws a crowd            Trying out the pilot's seat     Claire Glass

Lunchtime "Recruiters"

Skipper's  Meeting


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