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Occoneechee Sea Scout Committee

The mission of the Occoneechee Council Sea Scout Committee is to:
   Establish a Sea Scouting presence at the council level.
   Give oversight and support to Sea Scout units within the council.
   Grow Sea Scouting as a viable and  traditional Scouting program.
   Offer opportunities for Sea Scout training for adults and youth in the program.
   Offer supplemental training in leadership and nautical skills.
   Provide program opportunities beyond the unit level.
   Communicate to local units opportunities for adventure beyond the local council.
   Support the development and use of a council-operated Sea Scout Base at Kerr Lake.
   Respond to other opportunities as they develop.


The Council Sea Scout Committee is presently structured as follows:
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Commodore: Dr. Brian Matthews
        Boy Scout, Ranger Scout, Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Bronze 1962, Silver 1964, Gold 1967.
        Buckingham Palace Inauguration 1967. Mountain Leadership Certificate, Cave Leadership
        Certificate, Volunteer member of Fell & Mountain Rescue (5-years), Outward Bound Sea &
        Mountain School Graduate,     1966. Blue water sailor and Racing Yacht Skipper 1973-1984,
        delivering and racing boats from 25-70-ft.     in England, Channel Islands, France, and Caribbean
        W.I.  Occoneechee waterfront staff 1973, Waterfront aquatics director 1974-1984.

Sea Scout Commissioner: Tom Cox
        Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Sea Scout, 35-year Veteran Scouter 2004, O/A Brotherhood 1961,
        Commissioner Key 1995, Commissioner College PhD 1997, Distinguished Commissioner
        Service Award 1999, Silver Beaver 2002, Wood Badge 1996, staff 1998, 1999. Volunteer
        Fire & Rescue (10 years), EMT Instructor, CPR Instructor, USA Swimming referee, high school
        and college swimming referee.

Vice-Commodore/Membership: Carroll Sasser
        Boy Scout, Explorer, 50-year Veteran Scouter 2005, O/A Vigil Honor 1988, Silver Beaver 1971,
        Good Shepherd Award 1988, James E. West Fellowship bestowed 1997. Wood Badge 1967,
        Wood Badge staff 1969, 1971, 1974, 1976, Course Director 1975, 1979. National Scout
        Jamboree sub-camp program staff 1977, sub-camp Director/Program 1981, 1985, 1989,
        Sub-camp Chief 1993. Seabadge 1999, Seabadge staff 2002, 2005. Sea Scouting since 1995.

Vice-Commodore/Program: B.H. Powell
        Boy Scout, Sea Scout, Eagle Scout 1963, O/A Vigil Honor 1964, Occoneechee camp staff 1962,
        waterfront staff 1964, waterfront director 1967. National Camp School aquatics 1967, NCS staff
        1997-2999. Wood Badge 1986, Wood Badge staff 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993. National
        Scout Jamboree 1960, staff 1981, 1985, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001. Seabadge NE-V 1995,
        Seabadge staff NE-VIII 1997.

Vice-Commodore/Training: Larry Ketchum
        Cub Scout, Webelos Award (Arrow of Light) 1955; Boy Scout, Eagle Scout 1959; Camp Staff,
        Old Dominion Area Council (Suffolk, VA) 1960 and 1961; Order of the Arrow, Lodge Chief
        (Chanco Lodge), 1961 and 1962, Vigil Honor 1962; Assistant Scoutmaster 1962 thru1965;
        Sea Explorer Skipper 1969 thru 1973, Occoneechee Council.