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Occoneechee Sea Scouting


Your most available resource is the council Sea Scout Committee!
Please call upon us for any help you may need.

Sea Scout Resource Materials

From BSA national: (Check Scout Shops in Fayetteville and Raleigh)
      Sea Scout Manual, BSA No. 33239C        
    Sea Scout brochure, No. 25-353

    Sea Scouts: Chart a Course for Life (3+ min. video), No. AV-03V018*

    * This video can also be downloaded from the National Sea Scout website at http://

From Cardinal Wardroom (Sea Scout Task Force):

      "So You're the New Skipper!"

    "So You're the New Bo'sun!"

    "Sea Scout Uniforms" ... options and procurement

    "How to Organize a Sea Scout Ship"

    "Sea Scouting Fast Start" Training

    "Recruiting Sea Scouts"

    Recruiting photo poster (11x17)

    Recruiting flyer (8-1/2x11)

    "What Is Sea Scouting?" (Fact Sheet)

Navigation Resources -- Suggested by Skipper David Goodman, SSS Juggernaut (207)
    Navigation Software
        SeaClear Navigation Software (free) --
        Fugawi Global Navigator ($$$) --
        Fugawi Marine ENC ($$$) --
        Maptech Chart Navigator ($$$) --
        Maptech Chart Navigator Pro ($$$) --        
        Maptech Pocket Navigator ($$$) --
    Electronic Charts (Free)
        NOAA Chart catalog --
        NOAA Chart No. 1 --
        NOAA RNC --
        NOAA ENC --
    Useful Publications (Free)
        Coast Pilot --        
        Shore and Sea Boundaries --
        NOAA Library --
        Tide Tables --
    Online resources    
        Tides on line --