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Occoneechee Sea Scouting

        R. Carroll Sasser, Vice-Commodore for Membership/Marketing

Membership and Marketing is about getting the word out on Sea Scouting, helping to organize new Sea Scout ships, encouraging existing ships to have an on-going recruiting plan, and providing any other services that help to grow Sea Scouting in Occoneechee Council.

Learn more about Sea Scouting!
   Invite us to tell the Sea Scouting story to your youth group, Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop, district Scout Leaders' Roundtable, or other organization.
   Arrange to visit a local Sea Scout ship meeting or attend an outing on the water. Go to: Our Ships  
   Browse or purchase a Sea Scout Manual at the Scout Shops in Raleigh or Fayetteville.
   Pick up a promotional brochure at the Council Service Center or request one by email.
   Visit the National Sea Scout Committee's website at
   Visit a local Sea Scout ship's website. Try and . . . hopefully others will be added soon.
   Email your questions for an immediate response.

Let Us Bring Sea Scouting
to YOUR District!
The Council Sea Scout Committee wants to take our story to each of our districts. There is a brief presentation followed by a 16-year old Sea Scout who will share the experiences she has had in her 2-1/2 years in the program. Then the floor is open for questions and discussion.
All that is needed is for you to invite us to a meeting where there will be at least six youth, aged 14 to 16 or so, who are interested in knowing more about Sea Scouting, along with interested adults ... parents, Scouters, others.
It is believed that this will be the beginning of a NEW Sea Scout unit, called a "ship." It is the goal of the Sea Scout Committee to help organize at least one viable and sustainable new ship in each district. Only in this way will Sea Scouting be within reach of any high school youth in Occoneechee Council who wants to sail or learn to sail as an active member of a traditional Scout unit.
The committee stands ready with organizational assistance, leadership training, monthly wardroom meetings (council-level nautical "roundtables"), and planning and conducting council level activities and on-water events.
To start the process, please contact Carroll Sasser, VC-Membership/Marketing, at 919-851-3798 or email to You will get our immediate attention!

Recruiting tips for Sea Scout Ships
   Be sure your ship is listed on the national Sea Scout committee's website under Sea Scout Ships in the United States.  The Skipper's permission is required to list telephone number and email address. <>
   Prepare printed brochures to promote Sea Scouting and let people know about your ship. Place them in places likely to be seen by interested youth.
   Publish a web site giving information about your ship, it's activities, photos, and contact information. Follow BSA guidelines concerning youth names and advertising.
   Get permission to display recruiting posters in schools, churches, libraries, and other locations frequented by high school age youth. Be sure to have contact information, email and website addresses . . . maybe with tear-off tabs. Change poster themes from time to time . . . use activity photos and smiling Sea Scout faces.
   Our best recruiters are Sea Scouts who are having a great time in Sea Scouting. Be sure they have brochures to give to friends.
   Invite prospective members and parents to meetings. Guests at on-water activities are an "easy catch" . . . fun on the water is hard to beat!
   Welcome all visitors to your meetings and be sure they are made to feel welcome. Don't let them leave with unanswered questions.
   Devise signs or banners for your boats to let people know you are Sea Scouts! (Have brochures with you always!) Then set good examples of boating safety and courtesy on the water.
   Participate in district and council events! Our uniforms are "head-turners."  (Have brochures with you always!)
   Always set a good example in appearance and conduct. Many equate sharpness and discipline with quality. Youth want to be part of something they can be proud of.