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Occoneechee Sea Scouting

        Larry Ketchum, Vice-Commodore for Training

"Every Sea Scout deserves a trained leader!"

 See Calendar of Events for upcoming training!

Nothing prepares a Sea Scout leader ... Skipper, Mate, committee member ... like the training in leadership and the Sea Scouting program offered by the Boy Scouts of America. Every course is fun, instructive, enlightening, inspiring, and worth the time necessary to complete it.

There are four courses that are required for adults to be considered "trained." For those of us in Sea Scouting, the list reads like this:
   Sea Scouting Fast Start
   New Leader Esseantials
   Venturing Leader Basic
   Sea Scout Officer Specialized Training

There is also an advanced leadership course for Sea Scouters:
   Seabadge Conference (national course held at the regional level)

See Calendar of Events
for information on next course.
To be hosted by
Northeast Georgia Council
April 11-13, 2008


The first four on the list are also required for the Skipper's Key and the Sea Scouter's Training Award (see page 353 in the Sea Scout Manual for requirements). The traditional "blue ribbon" Skipper's Key has recently been reinstated.

We on the Sea Scout Committee, and especially our training team, want to be sure that
you have opportunities to participate in courses and will be offering them from time to time. Please watch for date/time/place.

In addition, we plan to provide additional courses in leadership for youth elected officers, nautical skills training, seamanship, and other relevant subjects. Many of these will take place at monthly Wardroom meetings. Click link at left to go to WARDROOM MEETINGS.

Please let us know your specific needs ... we will do our best to help you get what you want!