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Occoneechee Sea Scouting

Welcome to our YOUTH PAGE!
If you are in high school and at least 14 years old, Sea Scouting may offer you something new and exciting and maybe even different from anything you have ever done before!
Consider this your personal invitation to try it on for size.

Or maybe you have sailed before or are sailing now but can't get enough!
This may be for you too!

Sea Scouting is an older-youth program of the Boy Scouts of America open to both male and female members.
Sea Scout activities happen mainly around, on, in, or under water. Our main focus is on sailing, but activities may also include water-skiing, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, etc., as determined by the interests of the members.

A Sea Scout unit is called a Ship and is led by youth officers who are elected to leadership positions by the ship's members. Responsible adult volunteers who are interested in youth, the ideals of Scouting, and things nautical, provide guidance and oversight of ship activities.

The best way to check out an existing Sea Scout ship is to visit with a friend and/or your parents. It is best to contact the ship ahead of time because they sometimes meet at alternate locations for evening boating, boat maintenance, or swim tests. That way, you won't be met by an empty meeting room!

See a list of Sea Scout units in our area with contact information. Click on the box below.

Or you can help start a new Sea Scout ship near where you live by inviting at least five other youth aged 14 to 16 or so, and their parents, and having someone from our council Sea Scout committee meet with you to discuss Sea Scouting. We will bring a Sea Scout along to "show and tell" about his or her experiences and this is sure to "sell" you on Sea Scouting! You will have an opportunity to ask questions and we will then set out to help you get your own Sea Scout ship up and running. It isn't all that difficult!

You are just a step away from having some of the most thrilling and fun adventures you can imagine! Just let us tell you about Sea Scouting!