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Occoneechee Sea Scouting

Announcing . . .
1st Annual
Council Sea Scout Regatta

New Hill, NC
Watch this space.

Please pre-register with an estimate of the adults and youth you might expect to participate in this event.
This information is needed ASAP in order to be sure we reserve sufficient space at the site.
Be sure to include Ship number and city, number of adults, number of youth, and whether you want to camp overnight Friday and/or Saturday.

Submit information here

Details of competitive events . . .
Sailing and Sailing Quiz
Participation:  1 crew of  2 members
Scoring:  Each crew will participate in multiple races, 1 point awarded for 1st place; 2 points awarded for 2nd place, etc.  Crew with lowest combined sailing and quiz score shall win the event.  Quiz will be taken by each crew member, points added for incorrect answers.  Quiz has a 30 minute time limit.
Reference:  The competition will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008 (as available at and the BSA guide to safe-boating standards, except as these are altered by the Sailing Instructions provide prior to the races.
Details:  The competition will be conducted in one-design sailboats.  The course to be sailed will be announced by the committee at race time.
Required Equipment:  Each competitor MUST provide their own PFD and are expected to help rig/de-rig the boats.

Heaving Line
Participation:  1 crew of 3 members
Scoring:  15 points if made on 1st throw; 10 points if made on 2nd throw; 5 points if made on 3rd throw.
Time Limit:  Two minute time limit begins with the first throw for each crew member.
Detail:  Each contestant will have three chances to make a successful heave using a regular heaving line.  The target will be 5 feet wide at a distance of 40 feet from the throwing mark and 6 inches off the ground.  A successful throw is when the end of the line goes over the target and the body of the line rests on or over the target.  Bouncing constitutes an unsuccessful throw.  As soon as a successful throw is made, the member steps aside and the next crew member begins his turn.

Ring Buoy (Life Ring) Toss
Participation:  1 crew of 3 members
Scoring:  15 points if made on 1st throw; 10 points if made on 2nd throw; 5 points if made on 3rd throw.
Time Limit:  Two minute time limit begins with the first throw for each crew member.
Detail:  Each member of the crew will have 3 chances to make a successful toss using a life ring with a line attached.  The target (victim) will be in the water 35-45 feet from the throwing mark on shore.  A successful throw is one where the life ring does not hit the target, but lands behind the target with the line across the target, or the life ring or line lands within 3 feet of the target without hitting it.  If the target is hit or if the line is lost by the thrower, only that crew member is disqualified.  As soon as a successful throw is made, the member steps aside and the next crew member begins his turn.

Participation:  1 crew of 4 members
Timed event:  Five minutes added if a crew member is unable to tie all the knots.  Lowest total times place.
Time limit:  Five minute time limit on correction round.
Reference:  Apprentice and Ordinary requirements Sea Scout Manuel pp 129-134.
Detail:  Each crew member is provided with 4 pieces of line.  The crew leader selects four cards at random.  Each card lists a single knot.  Each member of the crew will tie the four knots thus selected.  Time begins when the judge says, “go”.  When the last crew member is finished, he/she yells “stop”, and the judge stops the clock.  Judge will then check each knot.  If any are wrong, the judge will restart the clock on “go” and the crew member(s) who tied the incorrect knots will have to re-tie them.  When the last member is finished re-tying the incorrectly tied knot, he/she yells “stop”, and the clock again stops and the judge checks the re-tied knots.  The clock will only run while the knots are being tied.
Required Knowledge:  square knot, bowline, clove hitch, sheet bend, two half hitches, figure-of-eight, overhand knot, stevedore’s knot, bowline on a bight, timber hitch, rolling hitch, marlin hitch, midshipman’s hitch, double bowline (French bowline), and running bowline.

Compass and Relative Bearing
Participation:  1 crew of 6 members
Scoring:  Total number of accurately placed cards.  Total points available:  64.  Highest scores place.
Time Limit:  Each crew member has 30 seconds to place their two cards during each turn.  Time starts when contestant steps into the circle.  A 10 second warning will be given before the end of their turn.
Reference:  Sea Scout Manual pp 174-175
Game Deck:  Large circle with 32 evenly spaced pegs about the circumference, one designated at NORTH.  Inside the circle an outline of a vessel whose bow may point in any direction and pegs set on the outline marking the 32 relative bearings.  Outside the circle are two boxes with randomly sorted cards.  One box contains the 32 compass points while the second box contains the 32 relative bearings.
Detail:  Silently, first crew member selects a single card from each box and steps into the circle.  Time begins.  Crew member places their cards on the compass point and relative bearing.  Turn ends when crew member steps from circle.  If time expires and cards have not been placed, they are turned over to the judge.  Once a contestant leaves the circle, his cards may not be moved by anyone.  Each member of the crew proceeds, one by one, until all cards have been placed or turned over to the judge.

Rules of the Road & Aids to Navigation
Participation:  1 crew of 6 members
Scoring:  Crew score is the total of all members of the crew.
Time Limit:  45 minutes to complete the exam.  
Reference:  Sea Scout Manual, pp 176-199
Detail:  Each crew member will be given an exam pertaining to the Rules of the Road and Aids to Navigation.  Test questions may be in the form of true-false or multiple choice.

Block Reeving
Participation:  1 crew of 4 members
Scoring:  Timed event; scoring based on best times of the day.  A 15-second penalty will be added for each incorrect knot or hitch.  A 30-second penalty will be added for rigging which is fouled or improperly rigged, or for failing to raise the weight to the required height.  Team with the lowest adjusted time is 1st, etc.
Reference:  Sea Scout Manual, pp 144-146
Detail:  Crew leader selects a card to determine which rigging the crew will do.  Choices are: a gun tackle (2:1), a luff tackle (3:1), or a two-fold tackle (4:1).  Once rigged, the team will secure the lifting end to a weight of approximately 35 pounds and raise the weight to a height of 3 feet, securing the free end to a cleat using a proper cleat hitch.

Marlinspike Seamanship (bonus score)
Participation:  1 crew of 6 to 8 members
Reference:  Sea Scout Manual, pp 135-142
Scoring:  Each completed project will be judged and scored on a scale of 1 to 8, i.e., 8=superior; 7=outstanding; 6=good; 5=adequate; 3-4=mostly complete; 1-2=just started.  
Projects:  There are 10 projects:  long splice, short splice, eye splice, back splice, hand whip an end, 4” round seam, 4” flat seam, rope grommet, sewn grommet, needle whip and end.  Score will be the sum of project scores.
Detail:  A crew may elect to improve their event score by undertaking these marlinspike seamanship projects.  Crew leader will assign projects to crew members.  Time limit is 30 minutes.  If a crew member completes his project, crew leader may assign a second project but second projects must be completed within the original 30 minute time limit.