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History Now Available!



It is with great pride that we announce the availability of a 200+ page profusely illustrated historical account of SSS Davy Jones.

After about a year of a "labor of love" by Robert McAllister, using materials supplied by Bob Roberts which he has collected from numerous sources, and with access to the 1941 Ship's Log (on loan from Wayne Farrar and Hammerstone Scout Museum), the document is ready for distribution.

To receive a copy, send $25 to cover cost of duplication, binder, and shipping. Send your check made payable to Bob Roberts, Sr., to the following address:

Bob Roberts, Sr.
102 Hunter Place
Carrboro, NC  27510-1210

If you have questions, contact Bob at (919) 942-8997
or emailhim at

The document is intentionally provided in loose-leaf format to facilitate the insertion of additional information which, it is hoped, you will help provide. Send any notes, photos, memories, etc., to Bob Roberts at the address above. Your shipmates and present and future Sea Scouts will appreciate it!