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        A Sea Scout Chantey

                                                          by James A. Wilder, Chief Sea Scout

            1.    A ship is wood and metal,
                Is metal, rigging and sail;
                She's but an iron kettle,
                When hearts aboard of her fail.
                To my way, aye, and yea, aye,
                We're bound away for many a day;
                A Sea Scout is a good Scout,
                So give us our sea-way.
            2.    The heart of ships is red blood,
                Is red blood, never a doubt!
                And wood and iron are useless,
                Without the heart of a Scout.

            3.    Our ship is what we make her,
                We make her, saucy and smart;
                No blust'ring wind shall break her,
                While we are all of one heart.