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Cardinal WordPerfect 9 Document Wardroom
 A Sea Scout task force serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and southern Virginia

[Order of the Golden Dragons]

WordPerfect 10 Document

Cardinal Wardroom is indebted to former Skipper Joe Haase of Ship 1, Danville VA, for developing  the idea and the narrative for this ceremony resulting in the earning of this local award. It is not authorized or recognized nationally and the metal badge pictured above is worn on the right pocket, on the flap if provided, as a temporary insignia. It is worn only on Sea Scout dress uniforms and not on work, utility, or activity uniforms.
The rationale for the award is two-fold:
(1) Many Sea Scouts do not have a background in Scouting. This ceremony emphasizes the importance of the ideals of Scouting to these members and is conducted in an inspirational atmosphere.
(2)  Sea Scouts are not eligible for membership in the Order of the Arrow, or if they have earned membership while in Boy Scouting, they are not permitted to wear Order of the Arrow insignia on the Sea Scout uniform. This award is worn similar to the Order of the Arrow lodge pocket flap and gives them a recognition to wear with pride.

The ceremony uses a nautical setting following the style of the mythical "Davy Shellback" featured in early editions of the Sea Scout Manual. It takes place on a landship and includes an imaginary voyage into the realm of the legendary Golden Dragons. The voyage is made "aboard" the good ship S. S. S. Cardinal Rose using dialogue between Davy Shellback and a guide, first; then after the Skipper, Bo'sun, and crew board the ship and sign The Articles, they get underway. During the voyage, they hear voices that lead them through an explanation and personal rededication to the Scout Oath and the 12 points of the Scout Law. Upon completion of the voyage (it takes about 45 minutes), the badge and a certificate is presented to those participating who have not already been recognized. (There is a cost for the metal badge.)
All adults registered in Sea Scouting and all Sea Scouts who have completed the Apprentice requirements are eligible to participate in the ceremony and receive the award.

Opportunities to earn this award are offered at Cardinal Wardroom Sea Scout Training Weekends held annually at US Coast Guard Station Portsmouth (VA).  These are usually held on the first weekend of April, subject to availability of the facility. Watch Coming Events for announcements.