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Cardinal WordPerfect 9 Document Wardroom
A Sea Scout task force serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and southern Virginia

Welcome to Sea Scouting!                                  We won't forget those who died
Cardinal Wardroom
is an all-volunteer Sea Scout task force with goals of
   raising awareness and visibility of Sea Scouting
   assisting in the organization of new Sea Scout units
   supporting and strengthening existing units through ...    
        sharing of resources
        training events
        inter-unit communications
        joint activities

The geographic area we serve includes
   North Carolina
   South Carolina
   northern Georgia
   southern Virginia
(principally areas 5 and 7 of the Southern Region, Boy Scouts of America)

For the Sea Scout Chantey, words and music by James A. Wilder, Chief Sea Scout, copyright 1920, Boy Scouts of America, click here.

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