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What is ...
 Sea Scouting   

Sea Scouting is a unique nautical program of the Boy Scouts of America and was the first senior Scout program in the United States, dating from 1912 ... just two years after the Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910.

Sea Scouting is for high school age youth, male and female (local unit option). It uses a fun and challenging program of sailing and boating following the traditions of the sea to accomplish the aims of the Boy Scouts of America.

Sea Scouting  happens mainly around, on, in, or (intentionally) under water and may include, in addition to sailing and boating: waterskiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, etc., as well as camping and other outdoor adventures ... depending upon the interests of the members.   
A Sea Scout unit is called a "ship" and is led by youth officers elected by ship members. Responsible adults who are interested in youth, the ideals of Scouting, and things nautical provide guidance and oversight of ship activities.

For more information about the Sea Scouting program, go to the National Sea Scout Welcome page or the main website.

Many have said for a long time that  Sea Scouting  is "Scouting's best kept secret." We want the "secret" out to everyone who is interested in a nautical Scouting program!

Of those who know about it, even fewer are aware that Sea Scouts are offered a four-step advancement plan leading to the rank of Quartermaster ... the Sea Scout equivalent of the coveted Eagle Scout award. It is available to female as well as male members and they may work toward the award until their 21st birthday.