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Leadership ...

Leadership in a Sea Scout Ship is provided by both adult officers and youth petty officers:
Skipper         Mate
Adult leadership includes the Skipper (principal adult advisor) and Mates (assistants) and these must be at least 21 years of age.

Oversight and support is provided by an adult ship committee, members of which must be at least 21 years of age.
Ship committee members are guided by one who is designated as the Committee Chair.

Youth petty officers are elected by youth members to lead in the following positions:
Boatswain (pronounced "bo-sun"). This is the top elected petty officer who presides at meetings and events.

Bo'sun's Mate
Boatswain's mates are assistants to the Boatswain who have specific duties as well, such as program, membership, etc.

Crew Leaders wear 2 chevrons and are responsible for their crews. Assistants wear one chevron.

           Purser           Storekeeper
Additional youth officers may include a yeoman, purser, storekeeper, and others as needed.