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Our Boats ...

Thanks to several generous friends of Ship 207, we have boats in several classes that we own, sail, and maintain. Below are photos of our boats (and in one case, photo of a boat like ours):
Hobie 16s   Object Image, replacement for Object that Trellix was unable to create from RTF.
        Two of our four Hobie 16-ft. catamarans           Our Menger 17-ft. gaff-rigged catboat                     Our Luger Tradewinds 26  

      A sister of our classic Sea Bird 26-ft. yawl                        Our LATEST ... Seaquel, a 32-ft. Columbia 9.6

If you have a boat that would be useful to our program and would consider donating it, please email
We can provide a letter of receipt for tax purposes.     Thanks!