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Photos ...

Landship mast    USS North Carolina   Ft. Fisher Museum   American 25
Making mast for landship                 Battleship USS North Carolina         Aquarium at Ft. Fisher         American 25 at Elizabeth City
Menger 17   Menger 17   Menger 17   Hobie 16    
                   Ship "work day" on Menger 17 catboat                                  "About enough of that! "            All girl crew about to launch  
Hobie 16s   Righting Hobie 16   Righting Hobie 16   After the sail
               The race is on                                      We practice righting the catamarans                                 Swapping stories after the sail
Hull repair   Hull repair  Tanzer sloop
                                     Repairing hulls on Hobie 16                                                Tanzer (former Skipper's)
Hobie 16s       Hobie 16       Hobie 16       Menger 17
                                Fun on the water with Hobie 16-ft. catamarans                                       Tradition at rest
Menger 17 with HobieCat    Hunter 37    Cape Lookout
        Tradition with HobieCat          At the helm of a Hunter 37                             Cape Lookout
                                                           Two of our Hobie 16s in January snow storm

                                                             Ship meeting training in rigging a Hobie 16                          Rigging the Tradewinds 26 on a work day

Pam, Kristina, Gretchen, and Sarah crewing Chessie, a 54' Irwin ketch, on the Chesapeake (May '06)

Impressive progress is being made on our Sea Bird yawl!
           Sarah, Pam, Gray, and Kian cleaning and preping                            Kristina and Kathleen check out the diesel engine
                                       Pam and Kathleen                                                                                        Sarah at work

                             Kian waits to get started                                           The crew moves the 30-ft. main mast

               Gretchen and Kristina sanding the two masts                              Cody and Kian putting the top on the cabin

        We got the 1971  7.5-hp Volvo diesel engine started . . .
        IT RUNS . . . and it runs GREAT!
                      And that is a FANTASTIC discovery!
                                            Watch here for Fall 2007 LAUNCH!

February 2007 sailing around Beaufort NC ...

Change of Command
March 5, 2007
            Skipper's farewell                        Being relieved by ...             our new Skipper

                  Bo'sun installs new Bo'suns Mate . . .     new Crew Leaders . . .               and new Yeoman

Sea Scouts on display at NC Museum of History "Pirate Day" event
Saturday, June 6, 2009
Raleigh, NC

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